Gannaga Lodge is situated in 20 hectares of its own ground within the Tankwa National Park. It is located in the Roggeveld Karoo, in some of the most spectacular countryside in the Northern Cape, at the summit of the breathtaking Gannaga Pass.

The Lodge lies 28 kilometres from Middelpos on the dirt road between there and Ceres. Middelpos itself is situated on the R354, exactly halfway between Sutherland and Calvinia. Gannaga Lodge is the only establishment within the boundaries of the National Park that offers bed and breakfast, half-board and full-board accommodation, as well as restaurant and bar facilities.

The Tankwa National Park (formerly the Tankwa-Karoo National Park) has recently been greatly extended through the acquisition of land both above and below Gannaga Pass. While the park cannot offer the big five, it can offer small animals, bird and plant life in abundance, as well as two radically different types of Karoo scenery, climate and ecology (above and below Gannaga Pass).


The farm stables now room 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 was built in 1930 by Mr. Scheppard. Room 1 was built on later by Mr. Le Roux in 1935 for £9-10. Room 2 and 3 was horse and donkey stables Room 4 was used for the post office. The room with the green door between 4 and 5 still has the grain mill in that was used. Room 5 was the old school room, while Room 6 was a store for the wheat, corn, oats and pony trap.

The school started in 1932 and the closest post office was on Bloemfontein Izak Visagie opens the new post office in 1932 The twenty hectares on which Gannaga Lodge is situated is what remains in the hands of the Visagie Family from their farm Agterkop . Farming began on Agterkop in 1775. The farm was then owned by the Louw family of the farm De Hoop and was bought by Willem Visagie, known as “Willem Karba”.

In 1800  he built the firs farm house “ Die kliphuis” which has been restored and you can see on the right as you drive from Gannaga Lodge towards Gannaga Pass. Willem Karba’s son , Izak Visagie (Izak Agterkop) took over the farm from his father and decide to move the farm headquarters from the kliphuis (because a lack of water) to where the Old Farm House is now. The old Farm house was built in 1931 .